Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tips to fold a dumpling (recipe bean curd shiitake dumpling)

Steamed dumplings with bean curd filling
Today I prepared another tofu dumpling. I did this on purpose to show show you the difference between the bean curd dumplings I folded yesterday and the dumplings I prepared today.

It is very easy to improve the looks of your dumpling, just by following some of my tips!

Recipe guidelines bean curd dumpling filling

Let me first share the ingredients of the filling I used today. The filling is made from bean curd, shiitake, bamboo shoots (use fresh bamboo or frozen bamboo), scallions, minced pork meat, pork fat, sesame oil, soy sauce, shaoxing rice wine, a bit of sugar, salt and white pepper. You can best use 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 bean curd and 1/3 of minced pork meat and fat.

Tips to fold a dumpling

First of all, use round wrappers that contain at least 40% of water (check the instructions to prepare these easy made wrappers yourself), if they are to dry it will have a destructive effect on folding. Filling has to be placed in the center of the wrapper. Before you start to fold wet the sides on one half of the wrapper with your finger tips.

1. Use a large amount of filling, that is a very large teaspoon. If you use too less filling the dumplings will become fluffy in appearance and they are actually a lot harder to fold. Check the difference with yesterday's dumplings!

2. If you use a lot of fillings you can make your folds less sharp or deep, this improves the harmonica-like movement you want to make with your fingers. If a dumplings has more folds the chef is assumed to have better skills. You can easily make more folds by adding more filling and making the folds a bit less sharp. Check the difference with yesterday's dumplings!

3. You can fold from the middle to the right side, followed by folding to the left side or start from the right and go on to the left. The second method is harder.

4. Always wet and stick the dough together at the side you start to fold, make sure the rest of the dough stays separated. You can do this by putting a finger between the dough sheet.

 5. If you have a large amount of filling and you fold from the center towards the right side, and from the center towards the left side you will notice the dumpling will curl or bent a bit. This is naturally process and if you fold well you don't have to bent or curl the dumpling yourself. Check the difference with yesterday's dumplings.

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