Tuesday, June 3, 2014

About noodles in Sundanese cuisine

Map of Indonesia, West Java (on the map region of Bandung)
It's summertime, a good opportunity to prepare some Southeast Asian noodle dishes. The flavor and aroma of the spices used, combined with strong broths or coconut gravies taste incredibly nice when temperatures start to rise.

Noodles in Southeast Asia

Although Malaysia is known for its delicious laksa, Thailand for its pad thai, Birma for its mohinga and Vietnam for its pho. Indonesia has a lot of delicious noodle dishes as well, mie baso probably being the most familiar. A lot of delicious noodle dishes are served in the province of West Java, known for its Sundanese cuisine.

Products of Sundanese cuisine


Sundanese cuisine is characterized by the use of fresh ingredients, such as vegetables (tomato, cabbage, eggplant, daikon, bean sprouts, cauliflower, oyong, potato, green leafy vegetables like kangkung, cucumber, shallots), and fish (catfish, anchovies, carp, gourami, tilapia, cuttlefish). Meat is primarily beef, lamb and goat, because the major part of the inhabitants are Islamic. Furthermore, soy bean products are widely consumed, for example bean curd, tempeh (a fermented soy bean product), and oncom (a fermented peanut product). Just as in the rest of Indonesia Sundanese love their sambal, especially sambal trassi. Other typical ingredients used in Sundanese, and Javanese cuisine as well, are keycap manis and tauco. 

Spices used in Sundanese cuisine

Spices often used in Sundanese cuisine are galangal (laos), lemon grass, salam leaf (best comparable to bay leaf, but different in taste), kencur (sand ginger), chili, ketumbar (ground coriander seeds), ginger, and turmeric. Celery leaves, vinegar, tamarind, lime and peanuts also used frequently in Sundanese cooking.

Noodles in Sundanese cuisine

All the above mentioned fresh vegetables, fish, meat, soy and fermented (soy and peanut) products, combined with spices are used to create some flavorful noodle dishes.
Typical Sundanese noodle dishes are for example, soto bandung, mie kocok, and soto bogor.

Tomorrow I will serve soto mie bogor, a Sundanese noodle dish prepared with beef, offal, tomato, cabbage, and a lot fresh spices.

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