Boredom, inspiration for a noodle

A long time ago, ten years to be more precise, I came up with this insane idea to share my own eating habits. Why? Because I was bored, simple as that.

About everydaynoodle

Almost a decade ago I started my own blog, with the exact same title. While years of sharing my daily breakfasts, everyday hurdles took over and I wasn't able to do the loyal publishing-thing anymore.

Greetings from Wollongong, NSW, Australia (beach walk views)

Results of boredom

But due to this odd personality of mine I get bored everywhere and always, I have developed this strange tendency to always look for something new. So, I did, and that's why I nowadays live in Australia.
Something new, something different. But as restless I may like, here I am on an Ozzie coast still eating those lovely noodles everyday.

Breakkies coming up

Though, bored, again, I recently decided to make use of all possibilities in life and start all over again. Not just by moving to Australia, also by sharing my brekky habits with y'all!

Any questions, no worries

So, I explored the dusty maze my computer, and there it was: my old blog everydaynoodle. Because the posts are somewhat outdated I decided to make them not public, but of course don't hesitate to ask me for any past blog post and I will be willing to dish up this outdated, and perhaps incorrect information for you. No worries.


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